DVD: New Puppy, Now What? 0-6 Months

DVD: New Puppy, Now What? 0-6 Months

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Bring your puppy along for this DVD training course that will cover everything you need to know from 8 weeks old through 6 months old of raising and training your new puppy.

What's the #1 problem with people who get a new puppy and then don't know what to do? The lack of information.  I am honored that you are willing to trust me to educate yourself so you can fulfill your responsibility for your new puppy. This course covers everything from socialization, house manners, and all the important topics - prey drive development, heeling, sit, down and recalls!

This video DVD will have you follow along as I show you exactly what we do and how we progress with a new puppy.  Let us introduce you to Garmr von der Pfalz.  He will be our new companion through the course and you can learn along with him during training. 

Topics Covered:

  • Engagement
  • Fussing
  • Prey Drive Development
  • Sit - Down - Stand - Fronts
  • House Manners
  • General Obedience